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Bluenose 100th

Few things in Canada are more iconic than the legendary Bluenose. There is only one place to truly experience this piece of our nation’s history: right here in Lunenburg!


In celebration of her 100th anniversary, Lunenburg Walking Tours and the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic have come together to bring you this ‘once-in-a-century’, 90-minute Bluenose themed tour! Learn about her fascinating history and her incredible triumphs.

Tour begins at the famous Smith & Rhuland Shipyard, Big Boat Shed (12 Burma Rd.). Stand in the spot where Bluenose was born - where you can almost hear the cheers and feel the excitement. Our guides will lead you along Lunenburg’s working waterfront, past the historic buildings where skilled craftsmen of days gone by contributed to the making of a legend. Following a level route, we’ll reach the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic for an exclusive tour, complete with a Bluenose model boat launch and a visit to the beautiful Bluenose Gallery to learn what made her so famous!

  • Duration: 90 minutes

  • Time: 2:00 pm on Fridays

  • Price: 

        o    Adult - $45

        o    Youth - $20
        o    Family - $90 

                (Taxes included, $US on par) 

  • Family rate includes 2 adults and their children, ages 6-17

  • Includes entry and full pass to the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic  

  • COVID-19 Protocols 


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