Take an authentic and entertaining stroll through history.

Authentic & Entertaining;  

That’s how many people describe their experience on a Lunenburg Walking Tours outing… and we’re very pleased they feel that way. Our goal is to provide visitors to our UNESCO World Heritage Site town – one of only two such urban sites in North America – an educational and fun introduction to the history, architecture, and culture of our fascinating community. We say introduction because in the time we have together we can only offer a glimpse of what this place has to offer. For that reason, we suggest you make us your first event of your visit. We promise it will be a great foundation for the rest of your stay and, if you are like many others, you’ll be saying, “I wish we’d planned more time here.” We offer both daytime and evening tours, along with options to personalize your experience. We look forward to hearing from you!

Please check our tour schedule to find out more information about our daily offerings.