Lunenburg Walking Tours was created to offer visitors to our UNESCO World Heritage Site town – one of only two such urban sites in North America – an educational and entertaining directed walk through history. We are Lunenburg’s only licensed provider of non-vehicular tours and work closely with local authorities to provide authentic, accurate, and entertaining tour experiences.


Our guides are local (descendants of original settlers!) and involved in the community, thus can provide a unique insider’s perspective. Their professional training, extensive research, and quirky personalities ensure that each tour is unique and promises to surprise and delight everyone from long-time residents to first-time visitors.




From the seventh-generation founding family Tanner, Shelah was apparently born talking, a trait that well prepared her, first for a nearly thirty-year career in marketing and business management mixed with volunteer pursuits, then the tour biz. She's been operating Lunenburg Walking Tours since 2011 where her affable personality, and witty sense of humour - along with all that talking - will have you feeling at home in no time. 




Katherine has been working for Lunenburg Walking Tours since 2013. With a background in education and a passion for local history, she no stranger to interpreting our vibrant past to visitors and students of all ages. Deeply rooted in the community, from the founding family Stevens, Katherine continues to keep our food traditions alive and well, preparing hodge podge and corned beef and cabbage for her family. A gifted storyteller, her quick wit will keep you on your toes, and you will be delighted to learn more while on tour.

Talk or Text: 902-521-6867
Email: info@lunenburgwalkingtours.com

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