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Essential Lunenburg Tour

Where does the time go?

Somehow, we’ve turned the page (or in this case, the calendar) and find ourselves amidst a beautiful September.

September marks an end to many things; the end of summer, beach days and barbeques with friends but also the bringer of school, the beginning of fall and of tasty treats.

But we aren’t rolling up the carpet at Lunenburg Walking Tours.

In fact, we’ll be strolling and storytelling all the way until October 31!

The bedrock of Lunenburg Walking Tours is our Essential Tour. With spectacular sights around every corner, this tour encompasses some of the best and brightest stories our little UNESCO town has to offer. From the first fishers to 18th century history to Victorian architecture, the Essential Tour is the perfect foundation for your visit to Lunenburg.

I always strongly encourage locals to sign up for this tour as everyone always tells me they learned something about their hometown they didn’t expect.

So, if you haven’t already, please feel free to go check out our tour times to book your ticket for a tour to remember. I can promise you we’ve got a few good stories to tell.

As always,


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